SCUBA – Not a One and Done Sport

Continuing Education. This is a phrase that most of us are very familiar with. CPA’s, Doctors and other professionals have to complete additional courses to keep their licensing current. In the diving industry this is not required of the “average” certified diver. But is it any less important? Not at all. Scuba Diving is a sport that has many facets. From deep diving to night diving, from dry suits to computers there is a lot to learn and keep up on in this sport. Yet, most divers seem to be content to abide by a “learn by experience” mentality. But, is there a danger to this? Without a doubt there is. As an underwater investigator I have seen numerous injuries and deaths among divers. The number 1 cause? Divers being in situations for which they were poorly trained. And this is not just the newly certified but rather divers who have a lot of “experience” but not formal training. There is no policing in the dive world to make sure that you have a specialty certification before you try a new facet in the sport. But prudence and reason should be enough of a motivation for you to continue on with your education in diving. Live to dive another day.


Greg Knyper


Chief of Diving Operations