Course Format

The Open Water Certification Course is two weeks long and includes six mandatory class sessions. The course consists of two classroom sessions, two pool sessions, and two ocean sessions.

The academic portion of the course (classroom sessions) is a key component of the Open Water Diver Course. Students will first learn about the equipment required to SCUBA dive. In addition, students will be instructed on the proper use of their equipment as well as how to keep their gear in good working order. Most importantly students will be taught the basic theory behind buoyancy, changing pressures experienced by divers as they descend and ascend, risks involved while SCUBA diving (including decompression sickness), and general SCUBA best practices.


The pool sessions allow students to learn and practice basic SCUBA skills in a safe, controlled environment.


Ocean Sessions will be held at La Jolla Shores and will give students the opportunity to practice their skills in a typical open water environment. Under the watchful eye of certified SCUBA instructors and Dive Control Specialists, students will first practice their basic skills and then be taken on guided underwater tours of La Jolla Shores and it’s diverse underwater canyon system.

Online Classes - (Online classes were primarily designed for students that are not in our local area to be able to participate in our diving program, we recomend that all   SSI now offers a great option for new divers. You can now complete the academics portion of your certification class online. After completing the online course, you can continue your practical skills and assessments with the store.

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Please note: All students must provide mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, and booties. The fins, gloves and booties required for scuba diving are likely different than you may use currently for surfing, snorkeling or other ocean sports.


2 Week Standard Open Water Class
Includes tuition + books and C-Card fees
Private Open Water Course (add $125 per person for books)….Tuition for 1 person….2 persons

….3 persons

….4 persons

….5 persons

….6 persons