Dive Tours

San Diego is home to some of the most spectacular dive sites in the country and offer a wide range of diving conditions that can perfectly match the skills and experience of beginning divers or satisfy the desire of expert divers to witness the beauty of the deep or explore inside warship wrecks. Some local well-known dive sites include the nutrient-rich and animal-diverse waters off Scripps Canyon, internationally sought after wreck dives off Mission Bay (known as Wreck Alley) such as the Yukon or the Ruby E, and the incredible kelp forests harboring schools of marine life and large reef formations throughout San Diego whether they be along the coast or part of the Channel Islands such as Catalina and San Clemente. Our diving professionals are eagerly waiting to take you on any local dive tour you desire!


Prior to going on a dive tour with one of our dive professionals it is mandatory that you come into the shop to fill required paperwork, fit you with equipment (see equipment below), and show us your dive log with proof that you have dived recently. If you have not dived within the last couple of years it may be necessary to take a refresher course Refresher Program!


In addition, if you have no experience with West Coast cold water diving it may be necessary to allocate one dive towards a strictly training dive so that you can become more comfortable and experienced with all of the very different and often dangerous elements and conditions that San Diego diving has to offer, such as cold water, beach entry, large surf, currents, surge, low visibility, kelp and a variety of potentially harmful marine life.


Please Note: For sanitation and safety reasons every customer must provide their own snorkeling package which includes mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, and booties. All of these items can be purchased at the store. If customers are to provide their own gear it must be approved by the dive professional. Please be aware that scuba diving fins are very different from most other fins in that they must be more powerful and accommodate diving booties.

Equipment: The following Dive Tour prices do not include SCUBA gear rental. If you do not own your own gear we offer a SCUBA rental package deal for $70 that includes a 7mm dive wetsuit with hood, regulator with octopus, submersible gauges, BC, tank, weights, and option of using dive computer or compass


All of the below packages DO NOT include rental Gear
….1 Tank Dive

….2 Tank Dive Tour

….Group Dive Tour 4 or more people (Per Person)

….Rental Gear includes 1 tank