Refresher Program

Has it been a little while since your last SCUBA dive? Feeling a little rusty on your knowledge and skills, less confident in your abilities, or nervous to go on a dive?

That’s okay because we offer several different options that will help you conquer these barriers and boost your confidence in and out of the water. Depending on how long it has been since your last dive and how comfortable you are in your knowledge, skills, and abilities, one of these programs will fit just right for you.

Online Classes – SSI now offers a great option for divers looking to refresh their knowledge from their  Open Water Diver Class. You can now complete the academics portion of your refresher class online. After completing the online course, you can continue your practical skills and assessments with the store.


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Please Note: Every refresher course option includes scuba equipment rental; 7mm dive wetsuit with hood, regulator with octopus, submersible gauges, BC, tank, and weights.

If you are to be using you own gear, it must be brought into the shop prior to any pool or ocean dive so that we can quickly inspect it and make sure that it is all in working condition and sufficient for any local dives (local dives are only included in Deluxe Refresher). If you are going to be using your own regulator, in addition to bringing it in for checks you will need to provide proof of purchase or servicing within the last 2 years.

Even though we will be practicing in an 80 degree Fahrenheit pool it is best to practice with the gear you would be using when you dive. Unfortunately here in California we have thermoclines, which means that even though the water temp in the summer can reach up to 74 degrees, once you dive below 35feet the temperature drops to a chilly 58 degrees year round. If you are going to be diving in warmer water you are welcome to use a thinner wetsuit, no hood, no gloves, etc.

For sanitation and safety reasons each student must provide their own snorkeling package which includes mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, and booties. All of these items can be purchased at the store. If students are to provide their own gear it must be approved by the instructor. Please be aware that scuba diving fins are very different from most other fins in that they must be more powerful and accommodate diving booties.


Please note: All students must provide mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, and booties. The fins, gloves and booties required for scuba diving are likely different than you may use currently for surfing, snorkeling or other ocean sports. We offer a 10% discount to all students who buy all the necessary items as a package.

All of the below packages include rental gear
….Simple Pool Refresher

….Deluxe Refresher – includes pool, academic, 2 ocean dives and a new SSI C-Card