Regulator Services

Complete Regualtor Service  – $225.00

Includes complete overhaul of first and second stage regulators including safe second with parts kits for all stages.


Individual  Service prices

1st Stage Overhaul $45.00 + parts kit
2nd stage overhaul $45.00 + parts kit
Inflator / Safe 2nd $45.00 + parts kit

High pressure hose replacement $80.00

Low pressure hose replacement $50.00

Communication mask service $175.00


Computer Services

Battery Service $45.00

Sunnto full watch service $250.00

High pressure spool replacment service $45.00


Bouyancy Compansator Services 

BC Service $45.00

Repair power inflator $45.00

Repair leak in BC bladder $75.00

Replace dump valves $38.00


Tank Services

Hydro / VIP steel HP tanks $56.00

Hydro / VIP Plus Aluminum tanks $56.00

VIP Steel HP Tank $20.00

VIP Plus Aluminum Tank $20.00

Tumble $38.00


Air Fills

Low pressure fill $8.00

High pressure  fill $9.00


Rental Equipment

Complete rental package 24 hour period $70.00

Includes: 1 Tank, BC, regulator, guages, wetsuit, hood, weights


Additional tank $15.00